Proof that Sydney Sweeney’s Wedding to Jonathan Davino is Approaching Soon

• Sydney Sweeney was seen leaving a bridal store with a large garment bag, preparing for her wedding to producer Jonathan Davino
• Sweeney has kept details of her wedding mostly private, but mentioned creating a Pinterest board for her big day and being busy with work
• Other celebrity couples who recently got married include Nick Viall and Natalie Joy, Alex Cooper and Matt Kaplan, and Kimberly J. Brown and Daniel Kountz.

Here is what happened:

Sydney Sweeney was seen leaving an L.A. bridal store with a large garment bag, making a major step forward in wedding preparations with her fiancé Jonathan Davino. During the lengthy appointment on April 28, the “Anyone But You” star sported a low-key outfit, including blue wide-legged denim, a white sweater, and square-toed platform shoes. Accompanied by her friend Gigi Vittoria, Sydney topped off her look with a black Miu-Miu handbag and over-sized sunglasses. While Jonathan was not present, it was clear that Sydney did not have to shop for bridal items alone.

Maintaining a level of secrecy around her upcoming nuptials, Sydney recently confessed to having put together a Pinterest board for her big day. In an interview with Glamour UK in December 2023, she shared her love for planning experiences and envisioning different themes for the ceremony. Despite her engagement to Jonathan in 2022, Sydney remains focused on her work, stating in an Entertainment Tonight interview that she is a workaholic and loves the busy schedule.

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