Rachel Bilson responds to Whoopi Goldberg’s criticism of her perspective on men’s sex lives

– Rachel Bilson lost a job due to her comments about sex
– Whoopi Goldberg criticized Bilson’s stance on men’s sexual experience
– Bilson clarified her comments and expressed regret for sounding judgmental

Here is what happened:

Rachel Bilson has found herself in the middle of controversy after making comments about men’s sexual experiences on her Broad Ideas podcast. During the October 2nd episode, Bilson expressed her surprise if a potential boyfriend had a low number of sexual partners in his 40s. However, Whoopi Goldberg called out Bilson’s viewpoint on The View, questioning why it’s any of her business. Goldberg argued that societal expectations have shifted, and women are no longer supposed to be limited in their sexual experiences. Bilson has since clarified her stance, acknowledging that she should not have made judgmental comments about someone’s sex life.

In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Bilson expressed her concern upon hearing that Whoopi Goldberg criticized her comments. She emphasized that her podcast is a safe space for open discussions, and sometimes, words are said in the heat of the moment. Bilson explained that she had a change of heart and ultimately believes it is not her place to judge someone’s sexual experiences. She hopes to clear up any confusion that her initial remarks may have caused.

The controversy surrounding Bilson’s comments didn’t stop at the discussion on men’s body counts. She also revealed personal details about her own sex life on previous episodes of Broad Ideas. Bilson confessed that she didn’t experience an orgasm from sexual intercourse until she was in her 30s. She also disclosed her go-to sex position and shared that she had lost a job due to her candid conversation about sex. Despite the professional fallout, Bilson stands by her words and says she has no regrets.

Bilson has always been open about discussing topics related to sex, likely because she grew up in a sex-positive household with her mother, a sex therapist. Her Broad Ideas podcast aims to create a space to have conversations without judgment. Bilson launched the podcast with her best friend, Olivia, with whom she has shared a close friendship for 25 years. Through the podcast, Bilson hopes to foster discussion and understanding among their listeners.

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