Ranking Meg Ryan’s Rom-Coms: We’ll Still Have What She’s Having

• Meg Ryan starred in the cult favorite romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally,” which launched her into stardom
• After taking a 14-year hiatus from the genre, Ryan directed “What Happens Later” and starred alongside David Duchovny
• Ryan credits director and collaborator Nora Ephron for shaping how moviegoers view romance in her films

Here is what happened:

Meg Ryan first rose to fame in 1988 after choosing to star in When Harry Met Sally, launching her into the realm of romantic comedy and solidifying her status as one of the world’s biggest movie stars. After a 14-year hiatus from the genre, Ryan returned to romantic comedy in the movie What Happens Later, which she also directed. Despite describing it as a “love story” rather than a conventional romantic comedy, the chemistry between her and David Duchovny was palpable, offering a refreshing take on the genre.

Meg Ryan has largely shaped how a generation of moviegoers view romance through her work in some of cinema’s most iconic feel-good films, often directed or written by Nora Ephron. Ryan’s dedication of What Happens Later to Ephron exemplifies her belief in comfort movies and the comfort in the kismet and idea of an inevitable connection that is portrayed in her films.

Throughout her career, Ryan has starred in many romantic comedies, with varying degrees of success and memorability. The actress appeared in a total of eight romantic comedies, including the iconic When Harry Met Sally, which remains a gold standard in the genre. Despite her other rom-coms having mixed reviews, Ryan’s charm and talent have consistently shone through in her performances.

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