RHOSLC Reveals Unseen Jen Shah Footage & the Truth About Heather Gay’s Black Eye – SEO Friendly Version

• Security footage reveals details of Heather Gay’s black eye incident, including conversation between her and Jen Shah
• Heather Gay apologizes for lying about the source of her black eye and admits to being scared of Jen Shah
• Jen Shah denies accusations from Heather Gay and claims the show can’t live without her

Here is what happened:

The article discusses an episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’ where viewers finally get to see events that led to Heather Gay’s infamous black eye. During the episode, Heather described in detail for the first time how Jen Shah left her injured after a night of partying the previous season. She explained that it was a lot of drinking, and then the next morning she woke up with a black eye and realized it was from Jen. Heather also admitted that she was scared of Jen and had been covering for her for three years, which is why she had lied about the source of the bruise.

Later, we find out that footage from the morning after the accident was reviewed, and although the audio was unintelligible, the caption on the screen says that Heather claims this footage shows them discussing the black eye.

Furthermore, Heather gave a heartfelt apology to Andy, her costars and everyone else she lied to over the last few years. It’s revealed that Jen encouraged her to keep the events of the night a secret, and Jen spoke out from prison to deny Heather’s claims.

The text also includes trending stories, images, and captions from various seasons and episodes of The Real Housewives. It ends by promoting Peacock, NBC’s streaming service.

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