Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan Breaks Silence on Painful Divorce From Michael Kopech

• Vanessa Morgan reflects on her painful divorce from MLB player Michael Kopech and navigating the difficult period while pregnant and preparing to welcome their first baby
• Vanessa discusses the embarrassment of having a broken family and the disappointment of the marriage not working out as planned
• After enduring heartache in the public eye, Vanessa is now in a great place, has found love with basketball player James Karnik, and chooses to stay silent to maintain peace and privacy in her personal life

Here is what happened:

Vanessa Morgan reflected on her painful divorce from MLB player Michael Kopech more than three years after their breakup. She discussed the challenges of facing a broken family and the disappointment of a failed marriage. Despite the pain, Vanessa acknowledged that life doesn’t always go as planned and that her journey led to the greatest blessing of her life – the birth of her daughter River.

Facing pregnancy and postpartum depression alone, Vanessa turned to prayer and meditation for comfort and clarity. She expressed the difficulty of mourning the future and fantasy that never materialized. Despite the heartache, she chose to remain silent amidst internet trolls and hate for the sake of her peace and her son’s well-being. Now in a better place, Vanessa has found love again with basketball player James Karnik.

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