Robert De Niro’s Heartbreaking Moment Learning of Grandson Leandro’s Death

• Robert De Niro reflects on the tragic death of his grandson, Leandro, who died from an accidental drug overdose
• Leandro was found unresponsive inside a New York City residence with police later making a drug-related arrest in connection with his death
• De Niro has a large family including two sons, a daughter and a seventh child born in 2023

Here is what happened:

According to an interview published on February 7th, Robert De Niro reflects on the tragedy of his grandson Leandro De Niro Rodriguez’s accidental drug overdose, saying, “It’s just a shock. Never thought it would happen.” He also expressed regret over what he could have done for Leandro, stating, “And I just then started thinking about all the things I could have, should have done maybe with him. I don’t know if that would’ve made a difference. And so that’s always playing through my mind. It shouldn’t have happened.” Leandro, the 19-year-old son of De Niro’s daughter Drena De Niro, was found unresponsive in a New York City residence and was later pronounced dead. His cause of death was attributed to the toxic effects of fentanyl, bromazolam, alprazolam, 7-aminoclonazepam, ketamine, and cocaine, according to New York City’s chief medical examiner.

Two weeks following Leandro’s death, NYPD arrested Sofia Haley Marks, 20, on federal drug distribution charges in connection with the suspected drug overdose. The investigation into her case is ongoing.

On the 7-month anniversary of her son’s passing, Drena De Niro shared a touching tribute, expressing her profound grief over the loss of her son. She stated, “Life is completely empty without you. Life isn’t fair nor did it ever promise to be fair and I try to figure out how to accept that every day. I miss you beyond comprehension kid. I love you more than all the words in the human vocabulary can convey.”

The De Niro family has faced numerous trials and tribulations, from Leandro’s tragic passing to Robert De Niro’s candid reflections on his grandson’s death. Despite the challenges, the family continues to support each other and honor the memory of their lost loved ones.

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