Robert Downey Jr. Reveals Reaction to Jimmy Kimmel’s 2024 Oscars Joke

• Robert Downey Jr. thought the 2024 Oscars were marvelous and had nothing but good things to say about host Jimmy Kimmel and his jokes at Robert’s expense
• Fans were divided on Robert’s reaction to the jokes Jimmy made during his monologue at the ceremony
• Robert kept his Best Supporting Actor acceptance speech off the cuff, thanking his wife for loving him back to life, and explaining that they needed each other in their lives

Here is what happened:

Robert Downey Jr. had only positive things to say about the 2024 Oscars and host Jimmy Kimmel. Despite the jokes made at his expense during the ceremony, Robert expressed his admiration for Jimmy, referring to him as a “national treasure.” Fans were divided over Robert’s reaction to the jokes, with some finding it amusing and others feeling it was out of character. The actor seemed unperturbed by the jabs and maintained a gracious demeanor throughout the event.

During his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor for “Oppenheimer,” Robert thanked his wife Susan for her unwavering support. He credited her with loving him back to life, emphasizing the role she played in his personal and professional growth. The couple shares two children, Exton and Avri, while Robert also has a son named Indio from a previous marriage. Susan reciprocated Robert’s sentiments by acknowledging the positive influence he has had on her life.

Susan and Robert’s relationship has been characterized by mutual support and growth. She highlighted how they both needed each other and embarked on a journey of self-improvement and change together. Their connection transcended the public perception and narratives surrounding their marriage, focusing instead on their shared experiences and the transformative impact they have had on each other. The couple’s bond was evident in their public appearances and speeches, reflecting a strong and enduring partnership.

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