Russell Simmons reacts to daughter Aoki’s romance with restaurateur Vittorio Assaf

• Russell Simmons has expressed his support for his daughter Aoki’s new romance with Vittorio Assaf, who is significantly older than her
• Aoki Lee Simmons and Vittorio Assaf were photographed together on a beach in St. Barts, looking happy and enjoying their time together
• Aoki and Vittorio have shared photos of their vacation on Instagram, with Aoki mentioning wishing her friends would take pictures of her on vacation

Here is what happened:

Russell Simmons expressed his unconditional love and support for his daughter, Aoki Lee Simmons, in light of her new romance with Vittorio Assaf, a man 44 years her senior. Despite any reservations he may have had, Russell acknowledged that ultimately, Aoki is free to make her own choices when it comes to matters of the heart. As a father, all he can do is offer guidance and love as she navigates her relationship.

Aoki and Vittorio were recently spotted enjoying a beach vacation in St. Barts, where they were seen cozying up to each other under the sun. The couple seemed happy and relaxed in each other’s company, with Aoki flaunting a tribal-print bikini while Vittorio sported blue and white swim trunks. The founder of Serafina Restaurant Group couldn’t resist capturing some candid moments of Aoki as she soaked up the Caribbean vibes.

On social media, Aoki and Vittorio shared glimpses of their vacation adventures without directly referencing each other. Aoki playfully joked about being caught off guard by photos, while Vittorio expressed pride in his long-standing friendship with a companion. Their discreet yet affectionate posts hinted at the budding romance between the two, sparking curiosity and speculation among followers.

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