Ryan Seacrest Teases Katy Perry’s Potential Replacement on American Idol

• Katy Perry has suggested Jelly Roll as her replacement on American Idol, and Ryan Seacrest shared his positive views on Jelly Roll’s talent and charm
• Jelly Roll expressed his appreciation for Katy Perry’s support and is eager to take on the role on American Idol
• The text also features updates on past American Idol stars like Kelly Clarkson, Clay Aiken, and Ruben Studdard, showcasing their current endeavors and milestones

Here is what happened:

Ryan Seacrest knows who is getting a very special ticket to Hollywood. One month after Katy Perry, who is exiting American Idol after its current season 22, revealed she wanted Jelly Roll to take over her spot as a judge, the show’s host shared his take on the impending vacancy. “You cannot take your eyes off Jelly Roll,” Ryan exclusively told E! News. He praised Jelly Roll for being charming, a force in music, and for bringing out the best in the contestants. However, Ryan played coy about whether he knew who was taking over for Katy Perry, teasing, “Maybe, maybe not.”

Katy Perry has made it clear that she thinks Jelly Roll is the perfect candidate to replace her on American Idol. In an interview last month, she expressed admiration for him, stating that she was convinced by anything he said. She even joked that she would go back to church for him, showing her unwavering support for the talented singer. Jelly Roll, on the other hand, reciprocated the love, thanking Katy Perry for her kind words and expressing his eagerness to join American Idol, even jokingly saying he would clean the toilets if needed.

As we wait for the big news about Katy Perry’s replacement on American Idol, keep reading to see where former contestants from the show are today. Winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have found immense success in the music industry, while others like Clay Aiken and Jennifer Hudson have ventured into different avenues like politics and acting. The legacy of American Idol lives on through these talented individuals who continue to shine in their respective fields.

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