Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher breakup after 13 years of marriage

• Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher are divorcing after 13 years of marriage and over two decades together
• The couple announced their split in a joint statement shared on Instagram, stating they have been quietly working through the change and prioritizing their children
• Despite choosing to keep their romance private, they shared lighthearted moments and expressed their love and adoration for each other over the years

Here is what happened:

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher have announced their decision to end their 13-year marriage and more than two decades together. In a joint statement shared on their Instagram Stories, the couple expressed their mutual respect and love for each other while revealing their plans to divorce in 2023. Despite the challenges they faced, including raising three children together, they asked for privacy and understanding from the public during this difficult time.

The pair first met in the early 2000s at a party in Sydney, where they bonded over their shared sense of humor. Despite the ups and downs of life, Isla has always treasured their relationship and the decision to be together every day, describing it as incredibly romantic. Similarly, Sacha has expressed his admiration for Isla over the years, celebrating their milestone anniversaries with heartfelt messages and lighthearted humor.

While they chose to keep details of their romance private, the couple’s love story has been a source of inspiration for many. Isla emphasized the importance of marrying someone with whom you share a strong friendship, as it lays a solid foundation for a lasting relationship. As they navigate this new chapter in their lives, the respect and affection they have for each other continue to shine through, showcasing the enduring bond they built over the years.

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