Savannah Chrisley on Jason & Brittany Aldean’s Support for Grayson During Parents’ Incarceration

• Savannah Chrisley is leaning on country couple Jason and Brittany Aldean during her parents’ prison sentences
• The Aldeans have helped her settle into her new role as guardian to her brother and niece
• The Aldeans also invited Savannah and her family to join them for Thanksgiving in Turks and Caicos

Here is what happened:

Savannah Chrisley recently opened up about the guilt she feels for not visiting her parents while they are serving prison sentences for tax fraud. She shared that she is grateful for the support she has received from Jason and Brittany Aldean during this difficult time for her family. Jason has been a positive influence on her younger brother, Grayson, while Brittany has been unwavering in her support and love for the Chrisley family.

The Aldeans even went so far as to invite Savannah and her family to join them for a tropical Thanksgiving in Turks and Caicos after learning that the Chrisleys hadn’t made any plans without their parents. Savannah expressed her gratitude and emotional response to the challenges she faces, as she adjusts to her new role as guardian to her younger brother and niece. She also emphasized the importance of surrounding herself with people who love and care for her, acknowledging that family isn’t just about blood relations.

Savannah’s reflections on her family challenges and feelings of gratitude were part of an episode of her Unlocked podcast, where she also expressed how much the support and love from her friends like the Aldeans meant to her. Her poignant statements served as a reminder that family takes different forms, and the support she receives from friends has been invaluable during a difficult period. The Chrisleys’ situation has attracted a lot of attention, with offers of support and love coming from various friends and acquaintances.

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