Savannah Chrisley shares parents Todd & Julie’s honest reaction to Masked Singer gig

• Savannah Chrisley hoped to bring her parents “light and laughter” on The Masked Singer
• Despite her lack of musical abilities, she agreed to do the show so her parents could watch her perform from behind bars
• After being unmasked on the show, Savannah’s family found her performance hilarious and lightened their day

Here is what happened:

Todd and Julie Chrisley were taken by surprise when they learned that their daughter, Savannah Chrisley, would be appearing on The Masked Singer. Despite their current circumstances of serving time in federal prison for tax fraud, they did not expect Savannah to excel in the singing competition. Initially, Todd discouraged her, expressing doubts about her musical abilities. However, Savannah decided to take on the challenge because she knew that her parents would be able to watch her perform from behind bars.

In an exclusive interview, Savannah shared that her dad’s first reaction was “Don’t do it,” questioning her knowledge of music notes. Even her mom, Julie, humorously admitted that Savannah cannot sing. Despite the lack of confidence from her parents, Savannah agreed to participate in The Masked Singer to bring some light and laughter to their lives during a difficult time. She felt that allowing her parents to be a part of her journey through the show was a significant motivation for her to say yes.

After being unmasked as the Afghan Hound on an episode of The Masked Singer, Savannah received a positive response from her family. Julie called her laughing, while her younger brother Grayson and niece Chloe found it amusing. This experience was a source of joy for the family amidst their challenges. Savannah’s willingness to participate in the show despite her parents’ reservations demonstrates her love and commitment to bringing happiness to her family in tough times.

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