Schitt’s Creek Reunion: Dan Levy Provides Update

• Dan Levy spoke about a potential ‘Schitt’s Creek’ reunion and said it depends on whether the sequel could live up to the original
• Former costars, including Catherine O’Hara, have expressed interest in a reunion, but emphasize the need for the idea to be worth doing and surpass the original
• The show’s popularity surged after hitting Netflix in 2017, becoming the streaming giant’s second most-watched acquired series

Here is what happened:

In a recent interview with Schitt’s Creek creator and star Dan Levy, he discussed the potential for a reunion of the beloved sitcom. He expressed his love for the fact that fans want more of the show but emphasized that any potential reunion would have to live up to the original and “beat what we’ve done.” He also mentioned that if a reunion means people go back and watch the show from the beginning, it’s not a bad thing. Former costars, including Catherine O’Hara, have echoed similar sentiments about a potential reunion, emphasizing that it would have to be “worth doing.”

Dan revealed that he loves the fact that people want more of the show, but it’s important that any potential reunion exceeds what they have already done. He stated that until the right idea comes to him, nothing is certain. Catherine has also voiced her interest in a potential reunion, stating that it should be worth doing and not just taking advantage of the audience’s desire for more content.

Meanwhile, Schitt’s Creek has gained popularity on Netflix and Dan Levy has revealed that the opportunity to do more seasons is possible, should something compelling enough arise to continue telling the story.

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