Seth Rogen’s Wife Lauren Miller Rogen Reveals Brain Aneurysm Surgery

• Lauren Miller Rogen opens up about her brain aneurysm diagnosis at UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Visionary Ball
• Her aneurysm had grown in size and she underwent a procedure to have it removed
• Lauren and her husband Seth Rogen prioritize brain health and founded the non-profit Hilarity for Charity to help those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is what happened:

Lauren Miller Rogen, wife of comedian Seth Rogen, revealed her brain aneurysm diagnosis at the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery Visionary Ball. With a family history of dementia, Lauren underwent an MRI five years ago to investigate potential health risks. The discovery of a small, benign aneurysm was alarming but not immediately concerning. However, when the aneurysm started to grow, Lauren sought the expertise of UCLA neurosurgeon Dr. Geoffrey Colby. He provided comfort and answered all her questions during this uncertain time.

After undergoing a procedure to remove the aneurysm, Lauren expressed her gratitude to Dr. Colby, his team, and the entire UCLA staff for guiding her through the scary experience. She jokingly remarked that she was relieved she wouldn’t be dying at any dinner table anytime soon. Brain health is a priority for both Lauren and Seth, who co-founded the non-profit organization, Hilarity for Charity. The couple launched the organization after witnessing the regression of Lauren’s mother, Adele Miller, who struggled with Alzheimer’s disease.

Seth shared that their personal experience influenced their decision to contribute to a cause that raises awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. He emphasized the importance of early detection and caring for one’s brain, just like one would care for their heart or lungs. Seth’s aim is to educate people from childhood through adulthood on how to take care of their brain health. By sharing their own story, the couple hopes to inspire others to prioritize brain health and create a positive impact in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

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