Shania Twain jokes about Brad Pitt’s 60th birthday in cheeky comment

• Shania Twain wishes Brad Pitt a happy 60th birthday with an Instagram post referencing her song
• Twain admits to never having met Brad Pitt and says he has never mentioned her song to her
• Twain explains that her famous song reference to Pitt was inspired by a scandal in 1997 involving naked photos of him and girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow

Here is what happened:

In a recent Instagram post, Shania Twain gave a shoutout to Brad Pitt on his 60th birthday, referencing her iconic name drop of Pitt in her 1997 hit song “That don’t impress me much.” Although the two stars don’t seem to have much of a relationship outside of the occasional birthday shoutout, Twain has previously given him a special shout out in 2020. In an Instagram post that year, she wished Pitt a happy 58th birthday and wrote, “I’ll make an exception for today.” Despite her famous line in her song about Pitt not impressing her much, it seems that the stars don’t have much of a relationship outside of these birthday shoutouts.

Twain also revealed in an episode of Chicken Shop Date in March that she has never met Brad Pitt, and she jokingly commented, “I think he’s avoiding me, honestly.” Additionally, she has said that Pitt never said anything to her about the name-dropping song. “He didn’t at the time,” she told Extra in 2017. “So 20 years later, I don’t know.”

The inspiration for including Brad Pitt in her song came from a scandal in 1997 when Pitt sued Playgirl magazine for publishing naked photos of him and then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. Twain clarified that the song wasn’t meant to pick on the action star, stating in an interview with Billboard that it was written during a time when naked photos were all the rage.

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