Shawn Johnson’s Kids Are Most Excited For This Part of Their Trip to the 2024 Olympics

• Shawn Johnson and husband Andrew East are excited to attend the 2024 Olympics in Paris to support American athletes in various sports
• Their young kids are more excited about visiting Disneyland Paris than watching the Olympics
• Shawn is confident in her ability to navigate the crowded Olympic venues with her three young children, emphasizing the importance of family bonding and individual time with each child

Here is what happened:

Shawn Johnson East and her husband, Andrew East, are excited to attend the 2024 Olympics in Paris this summer to support their fellow American athletes. Despite their excitement for the games, their children, Drew and Jett, are more enthusiastic about visiting Disneyland Paris than watching the sports events. Shawn humorously acknowledges that her kids may not fully appreciate or understand the Olympic games, but she hopes they will enjoy the experience and soak in some of the red, white, and blue spirit.

Shawn reveals that while her kids may not be fully engaged in watching the sports, Drew enjoys watching gymnastics for the leotards. As for Jett, he might find Olympic skateboarding more entertaining due to his daredevil nature. Shawn expresses her nerves about the crowded arenas in Paris and the challenge of keeping track of their kids in the midst of large crowds. However, she and Andrew are well-prepared, having already traveled extensively with their children.

The couple plans to tour around Europe for almost five weeks, taking in various modes of transportation to explore the continent. With three kids under the age of 5, Shawn and Andrew have found ways to balance their hectic family life, including opting for quick and easy meals. Shawn emphasizes the importance of giving each child one-on-one time while also nurturing the bond between siblings. Overall, Shawn and Andrew are proud of their growing family and are excited to create lasting memories together.

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