Simu Liu Unveils Parents Mistakenly Consumed His Recreational Drugs While House Sitting

• Simu Liu’s parents accidentally consumed edibles in his home, thinking they were snacks, leading to a wild trip and a car accident.
• Simu’s parents struggled to figure out delivery apps and instead went foraging for food in his home.
• The incident led Simu Liu to partner with MìLà and receive a PR package of food that his parents promptly devoured.

Here is what happened:

Simu Liu, star of the movie “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” recently shared a hilarious story about his parents’ adventures with edibles. While Simu was away, his parents, Zhenning and Zheng, stayed at his California home. Being unfamiliar with delivery apps, they decided to find their own food. Little did they know, they stumbled upon Simu’s stash of edibles, mistaking them for snacks. Simu recalled his mom “foraging around the house for things to eat” and eventually finding what she thought were gummy bears and trail mix. Little did they know, the snacks contained dried mushrooms.

The unsuspecting couple started “popping them like Skittles” but soon realized they were getting hungrier as they ate. Desperate to satisfy their late-night munchies, they hatched a plan to go grocery shopping. However, things took a turn when they crashed Simu’s car into the shrubs in his driveway. In their highly intoxicated state, they were unsure of what to do next. Luckily, no one was hurt, and they managed to get help from one of Simu’s neighbors to drive the car back up to the house.

When Simu returned home, he found his car totaled, his shrubs wrecked, and his drugs gone. He jokingly told his parents that he would never leave them unsupervised in his house again. However, the incident did have a silver lining. The morning after their wild night, a PR package from MìLà filled with soup dumplings and noodles arrived at Simu’s house. His “high and hungry” parents quickly devoured everything in the box, giving Simu the “Asian parent approved” stamp.

Despite the mishap, Simu shared this amusing anecdote during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, providing a humorous insight into his parents’ unexpected adventure with edibles.

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