Singer Maisie Peters Reveals She Never Actually Dated Cate’s Brother Muse

• Maisie Peters clarifies that her hit song “Cate’s Brother” was based on a joke within her friendship group and not an actual relationship with the brother of her friend Cate.
• She wrote the song for fun and to entertain her friends, gathering details about Cate’s brother from Cate herself.
• Although she did eventually meet Cate’s brother and even ran the lyrics by him, Maisie confirms that there is no romantic relationship between them. They are simply friends.

Here is what happened:

Maisie Peters, the English singer, recently revealed the backstory behind her hit song “Cate’s Brother.” Contrary to popular belief, the song wasn’t written about a real breakup with her friend Cate’s brother because they had never even met. The lyrics depict a Halloween party where Cate introduced Maisie to her brother, sparking feelings of love and a future marriage. However, Maisie clarified that it was all just an inside joke among friends, and she wrote the song for the fun and entertainment of the group.

Maisie explained that she got the idea to write the song from her friend Cate. She wanted to play along with the idea and gather details about her friend’s brother to include in the lyrics. The song was created to contribute to the humor and dynamics of their friendship group, particularly their group chat.

Despite the song’s storyline, the real-life connection between Maisie and Cate’s brother is purely platonic. They eventually met in person, but Maisie described him as just a bro. They even shared a beer together but emphasized that there would be no romantic involvement between them.

This lighthearted and amusing story showcases Maisie’s creativity and sense of humor, proving that she is not just another rockstar. The song was a playful tribute to a personal joke among friends, and it gained popularity for its catchy tune and relatable lyrics.

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