Sisqó’s Latest Update with Another R&B Icon

• Sisqó is ready to release new music after his experience on The Masked Singer Season 10 finale
• The reality competition inspired Sisqó to work on a trilogy of projects named Genesis, Exodus, and Revelations
• Sisqó collaborated with Mya on his new project, feeling like they never missed a beat and excited for fans to hear the music

Here is what happened:

Sisqó, known for hits like “Thong Song,” is gearing up to release new music following his experience on The Masked Singer. The R&B star shared in an exclusive interview that his time on the show had a significant impact on his career trajectory. Despite not winning the competition, he expressed gratitude for the exposure, stating, “Even if you lose, you win.”

Having showcased his vocal talents on The Masked Singer, Sisqó was inspired to work on a trilogy of projects, with the first one titled “Exodus.” He explained that this project symbolizes leaving behind the old version of himself and evolving as an artist. Teasing the upcoming music, Sisqó hinted at the growth and maturity reflected in his new songs, promising fans an exciting musical journey.

In a surprising revelation, Sisqó mentioned collaborating with fellow artist Mya on his latest project. Reflecting on their past collaborations, he explained the significance of working with Mya again, emphasizing the growth and evolution they’ve both experienced as artists. The anticipation for their new collaboration is high, with Sisqó praising Mya’s talent and expressing excitement for what they’ve created together. Fans can look forward to a blend of nostalgia and fresh vibes in their upcoming music.

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