Skateboarder Jagger Eaton Shares the Golden Moment with Kobe Bryant That Changed His Life

• Jagger Eaton overcame a broken bone to earn bronze at the first-ever Olympic men’s street competition
• The skateboarder’s experience with Kobe Bryant changed his life, leading to close connections and increased resilience
• Eaton is prepared to give 100% every day as he trains for the Paris Olympics, focusing on the journey over the medals and maintaining mental stability through disciplined lifestyle and support from loved ones.

Here is what happened:

Jagger Eaton wasn’t going to let a broken bone stop him at the Tokyo Olympics. The skateboarder “exclusively told E! News” that he had to choose to be happy and into the proper head space in the face of adversity. He expressed his determination to compete for his country, regardless of any injury. Despite a nagging ankle fracture, he made the podium, earning bronze in the first-ever Olympic men’s street competition.

During a stop on Team USA’s Road to Paris bus tour, Eaton recalled the NBA great Kobe Bryant going up to him at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in 2016. Bryant complimented Eaton on his show, Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life, and encouraged him to continue promoting positivity.

Eaton, now 22, reflected on the impact that Bryant’s words had on him, stating that it changed his life. He expressed his aspirations of winning gold at the Paris Olympics, adding that it would mean everything to him and emphasized the value of the journey over the medals. He vowed to give a hundred percent of himself every day to showcase the dedication required to pursue his dreams.

Eaton shared that “the hardest thing as an athlete is to relax” and revealed that he has a system to keep his head on straight, including reading, writing, and surrounding himself with driven and integrity-filled individuals. He referred to the sacrifices his family has made for his career and how he aims to give as much back to them as he can. He also discussed the pressure of being self-sufficient and having to pay for his own training and expenses from a young age.

Speaking about the double-edged sword of being a self-sufficient young man, Eaton mentioned the pressure that comes with being his own boss and the difficulty in maintaining relationships due to the professional skateboarder’s lifestyle. He shared his disciplined and consistent lifestyle and focused on normalizing his situation, emphasizing the need to be incredibly present in the moment when competing in a pressure position, such as at the Olympic Games. He spoke about the anticipation and pressure surrounding the Olympics and the importance of being present and focused on the contest at hand.

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