Sophia Bush’s Two New Tattoos: A Bold Statement in Her New Chapter

• Sophia Bush recently got two new tattoos, one on her hand that reads “oh boy” and one above her elbow that says “in progress.”
• The Chicago P.D. star got the tattoos from celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who posted a black-and-white video montage on Instagram.
• Sophia is also reportedly in a new relationship with former USWNT soccer player Ashlyn Harris, and her ex-husband Grant Hughes is supportive of her happiness.

Here is what happened:

Actress Sophia Bush has recently made some changes in her life. Two months after filing for divorce from her estranged husband, Grant Hughes, she got two new tattoos by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter. Her first tattoo, a delicate cursive script that reads “oh boy,” was inked on her hand. Above her elbow, she also added the phrase “in progress” in bold uppercase letters, symbolizing her personal growth and transformation. Winter shared a black-and-white video montage on his Instagram, featuring Bush’s smile and close-ups of her new tattoos.

Alongside the new ink, multiple sources have reported that Bush is in a new relationship with former USWNT soccer player Ashlyn Harris. Despite the end of her 13-month marriage, Grant Hughes’s representative stated that he wants the best for Bush and supports her happiness and fulfillment. Meanwhile, Harris is moving forward with her life as well. She recently filed to legally end her marriage to fellow soccer player Ali Krieger after almost four years together, to whom she shares two children.

Before their romantic relationship began, Bush and Harris were friends for years and have been seen together at various events, such as a Peacock watch party for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and a New York Fashion Week show. While Bush has chosen to keep details about her tattoos and relationship private, she continues to embrace new experiences and grow as an individual.

These changes in Bush’s life reflect her desire for personal development and moving forward. The tattoos serve as a reminder of her progress, while her new relationship with Harris represents a new chapter of happiness and fulfillment. Bush’s journey of self-discovery and transformation is a testament to her resilience and determination to live her best life.

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