Sophia Culpo Connects with Alix Earle during Braxton Berrios Drama

• Sophia Culpo reached out to Alix Earle amid drama over Braxton Berrios and apologized for the girl vs. girl situation.
• Alix agreed to move forward and end the drama, stating that it wasn’t helping anyone.
• Braxton addressed cheating allegations, stating that they had nothing to do with anyone else.

Here is what happened:

Sophia Culpo recently reached out to Alix Earle in an attempt to put an end to the drama surrounding Braxton Berrios. The NFL player’s alleged involvement with influencer Alix Earle while still in a relationship with Sophia had caused tensions between the two women. Wanting to move forward, Sophia apologized to Alix, stating that she didn’t hold anything against her and acknowledged that Braxton was the only one who owed her loyalty. Alix accepted the olive branch, agreeing that the situation needed to be resolved, and both women aimed to move past it.

Around the same time, Braxton himself addressed the cheating allegations on his Instagram Story. Denying any involvement with anyone else, he claimed that the breakup with Sophia had nothing to do with another person. Meanwhile, Alix also defended herself against accusations of being a “homewrecker.” She shared that the comments deeply affected her, as she had grown up believing that such actions were unacceptable. Alix reassured everyone that there was no overlap between her relationship with Braxton and his previous one with Sophia, even going as far as checking the evidence multiple times.

The situation had escalated on the internet, leading Sophia to address the issue by extending an apology to Alix, hoping for a resolution. Alix accepted the apology, acknowledging the need to stop the ongoing feud. Braxton had previously denied any involvement with others during his relationship with Sophia, and Alix vehemently defended herself against accusations of being a “homewrecker.” Both women expressed their desire to move forward and put an end to the drama surrounding their relationships.

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