Southern Charm: Shep Rose & Austen Kroll Confront Taylor Ann Green Hookup Rumor

– Shep Rose confronts Austen Kroll about rumors of Austen hooking up with Shep’s ex-girlfriend Taylor Ann Green.
– Taylor and Austen admit to talking about potentially pursuing a romance but deny ever hooking up.
– Shep is hurt and demands the truth, leaving fans on a cliffhanger about whether Austen and Taylor actually hooked up.

Here is what happened:

In the latest episode of Southern Charm, tensions rise as Shep Rose confronts Austen Kroll about rumors of a hookup between Austen and Shep’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green. Shep reveals that Olivia Flowers, Austen’s ex, informed him that Taylor and Austen considered pursuing a romance. While Taylor admitted to discussing the possibility of a relationship with Austen, both parties deny ever hooking up. This revelation deeply unsettles Austen, who never anticipated it would cause an issue between him and Shep.

Shep accuses Austen of being vague about his relationship with Taylor and demands the truth. Austen’s response to Shep’s question about whether they hooked up leaves fans hanging, as he cryptically asks Shep to define what qualifies as “hooking up.” Viewers will have to wait until the next episode to see if Austen and Taylor come clean about their alleged dalliance.

In a separate conversation prior to Shep and Austen’s confrontation, Shep and Olivia discuss the rumors of physical intimacy between their exes. They both express their disapproval and discomfort with the idea. However, the trailer for season nine hints that something does happen between Austen and Taylor. The unfolding scandal will be revealed on Southern Charm, airing on Bravo.

Notable updates for season nine of Southern Charm include the departure of original cast member Kathryn Dennis, who announced her exit after eight seasons. New additions to the cast include Rod Razavi, Jarrett “JT” Thomas, and Rodrigo Reyes, who are all set to stir up drama in their own ways. The trailer also teases a romantic connection between Rod and Olivia Flowers.

The upcoming season promises a host of dramatic moments, including an explosive altercation between Austen and JT, a mysterious nude photo incident involving Whitney Sudler-Smith, and a cast trip to Jamaica. Additionally, Madison LeCroy hints at potential pregnancy complications, while Craig Conover and Paige DeSorbo’s relationship faces its own set of challenges. The season may touch on Taylor Ann Green’s loss, as her brother Richard Worthington Green tragically passed away before filming began.

Southern Charm fans will have to stay tuned to find out what unfolds in this highly anticipated season, airing on Bravo.

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