Squid Game Star O Yeong-su’s Convicted of Sexual Misconduct

• O Yeong-su, star of Squid Game, was convicted of sexual harassment and received an eight-month prison sentence suspended for two years
• O was charged after allegedly kissing a 22-year-old actress on the cheek and trying to forcibly hug her during a play tour in 2017
• O admitted his wrongdoing and lack of remorse during the investigation, planning to appeal the decision within the allowed period

Here is what happened:

A star from the popular TV series Squid Game has been convicted of sexual harassment. O Yeong-su, who played player 001 in the first season of the show, received an eight-month prison sentence, which has been suspended for two years. Additionally, he was ordered to undergo 40 hours in a sexual violence treatment program. Despite initially denying the allegations, O plans to appeal the decision within the allowed seven-day period. The 79-year-old actor was charged after allegedly kissing a 22-year-old actress on the cheek and attempting to forcibly hug her during a play tour in 2017.

During his trial in February 2023, O expressed remorse for his behavior, stating, “I am sorry. I think I behaved badly.” Despite this acknowledgment, he had continued to deny the charges throughout the investigation. The victim’s attorney mentioned that O admitted his wrongdoing when prompted by the victim but failed to show any genuine remorse for his actions. The charges against O stem from an incident that occurred several years ago, highlighting the significance of the #MeToo movement in holding individuals accountable for their inappropriate actions.

Following the conviction of O Yeong-su, there has been a renewed focus on cases of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the prevalence of such behavior in the entertainment industry and the importance of speaking out against it. For those affected by sexual assault or harassment, organizations like the National Sexual Assault Hotline provide free and confidential assistance. Taking a stand against sexual misconduct requires collective action and support for survivors to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all.

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