Status Update: There is a Social Network Sequel in the Works

• Aaron Sorkin apologizes to Apple CEO Tim Cook and hints at working on a sequel to “The Social Network”
• Sorkin blames Facebook for the January 6 Capitol attack, criticizing the platform for promoting divisive material
• The West Wing creator believes social media platforms should prioritize integrity over growth, suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg could prevent misinformation by sacrificing some profit

Here is what happened:

Aaron Sorkin, known for writing the screenplay of “The Social Network” in 2010, has recently unveiled his plans for a sequel to the film. This time, the focus will be on Facebook’s connection to the January 6 United States Capitol attack. During a live recording of The Town podcast, Sorkin expressed his blame towards Facebook for the events of January 6, citing the platform’s algorithm as a key factor in promoting divisive material for increased engagement.

Sorkin emphasized the need for social media platforms to balance growth and integrity, highlighting the detrimental effects of prioritizing engagement over responsible content dissemination. While details about the sequel’s cast remain undisclosed, the possibility of original stars such as Andrew Garfield, Jesse Eisenberg, Armie Hammer, and Justin Timberlake reprising their roles is uncertain. This move by Sorkin underscores the relevance of exploring contemporary issues surrounding social media’s impact on society.

Furthermore, Sorkin’s comments on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s potential role in preventing the spread of divisive information add a layer of nuance to the narrative. By suggesting that Zuckerberg prioritize integrity over profit, Sorkin challenges the responsibility of tech giants in shaping public discourse. This thematic exploration in the sequel promises to delve into the complexities of online platforms and their influence on real-world events. Overall, Sorkin’s vision for the sequel opens up a timely conversation about the ethical implications of social media in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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