Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard & Carl Radke Only Had Sex This Often Before Breakup

• Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke were not very sexually compatible before calling off their engagement
• Lindsay confessed to her co-stars that she and Carl were only having sex once every couple of weeks
• Despite enjoying their time together when they did have sex, Lindsay revealed that Carl never initiated intimacy with her

Here is what happened:

In a recent episode of Summer House, Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s relationship struggles were brought to light. Lindsay confessed to her co-stars Paige DeSorbo and Amanda Batula that Carl was not very sexual, revealing that they were only intimate once every couple of weeks. Paige expressed skepticism about Lindsay’s claims, suggesting that she might be exaggerating the lack of intimacy in their relationship.

The conversation continued with Amanda questioning the quality of their sex life when they did engage in it. Lindsay confirmed that their physical connection was good, but she also revealed that Carl rarely initiated sex with her. Despite the encouragement from her friends to make the most of their moments together, Lindsay shared that Carl’s lack of initiative was a significant issue in their relationship.

As the Summer House season progressed, viewers witnessed the challenges facing Lindsay and Carl’s engagement. The show provided a glimpse into their journey as a couple, from attending weddings together to celebrating holidays. However, just months before they were set to tie the knot, news of their breakup surfaced, leaving fans and cast members shocked. Lindsay eventually spoke out about the painful end of their relationship, expressing her heartbreak and sense of betrayal.

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