Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo Strips Down to $5,600 Crystal Panties at BravoCon Red Carpet

• Paige DeSorbo attended BravoCon 2023 in Las Vegas wearing pink crystal panties from Miu Miu.
• She paired the revealing bottoms with a white blouse and accessories from the same brand.
• Paige joked about getting married in Miu Miu but revealed that her boyfriend, Craig Conover, wants a big wedding.

Here is what happened:

BravoCon 2023 made a switch in cities, relocating to Las Vegas’ Caesars Forum, and one star who embraced the Vegas spirit was Paige DeSorbo from Summer House. She arrived at the Nov. 4 event wearing a pair of pink crystal panties from Miu Miu, ditching her pants for a bolder look. The revealing bottoms, which cost a hefty $5,600, were paired with a white blouse from the same luxury brand. To complete her ensemble, Paige wore white platform shoes and hair clips also showcasing the fashion label’s name. In an interview on the red carpet, she jokingly mentioned, “You know I had to show up in no pants. It’s Vegas!”

Although Paige wore wedding white to BravoCon, she clarified that marriage is not on the cards anytime soon. She shared that she was open to an impromptu Vegas wedding, revealing that Craig Conover, her boyfriend, “chickened out” at the last minute. According to her, Craig expressed that they would regret not having a big wedding with all their friends present. However, Paige playfully put the decision on him. On a lighter note, she added, “I would get married in Miu Miu.”

Regarding engagement, Craig stated that after dating for only two years, they prefer to take things slow and allow their relationship to grow stronger. He emphasized that they have stopped fixating on the idea of getting engaged, recognizing that many Bravo couples do not end up together. Thus, seeing their fellow Summer House castmates Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard break up and cancel their engagement prompted them to continue with their own relationship at their own pace.

BravoCon provided numerous star sightings, with familiar faces from various Bravo shows in attendance. The event proved to be a thrilling experience for fans, offering the opportunity to meet their favorite Bravo personalities. BravoCon is an annual event that brings together Bravo enthusiasts and offers exclusive Q&A panels, performances, and meet-and-greets.

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