Tamar Braxton & Jeremy “JR” Robinson Engaged Again 2 Months After Break Up: Check Out Her Ring

• Tamar Braxton is engaged to Jeremy “JR” Robinson again after a brief breakup
• Their love story began on her Peacock dating show Queens Court
• The couple reconciled due to their strong connection and fought hard to push past the hurt and ego to find their way back to love.

Here is what happened:

Tamar Braxton is re-engaged to Jeremy “JR” Robinson after a brief breakup, she announced on Instagram. Reflecting on their initial split, Tamar captioned a video of JR proposing for a second time on Christmas morning, saying “3 months ago we thought we HATED each other and we were completely OVER. Here we are after a simple football game box you got for your birthday and one REAL HARD conversation. We knew that whatever happened in the past was just that and ANYTHING other than US and our family only mattered,” the younger sister of Toni Braxton continued. “So the truth is WE DON’T CARE if anyone disagrees with it … we choose to love each other OUTLOUD and PROUD because we found something worth fighting for and forgiving each other for EVERYDAY in front and behind the scenes.”

Their love story began on her Peacock dating show Queens Court. During the finale, JR got down on one knee and popped the question, telling the 46-year-old, “I’m here forever because I don’t see my life without you.” However, almost seven months later, the personal injury attorney shared that he had “ended the relationship to focus on getting back to positive energy & being a better person.” What made them reconcile? For one, their strong connection.

Two months after their breakup, Tamar and her Queens Court suitor Jeremy “JR” Robinson got engaged again on Christmas morning. “I had to fight hard to push past the hurt, and past my own ego, because God kept bringing me back to how much I love @tamarbraxton,” JR shared in a Dec. 4 Instagram post. “The truth is, it really just hurt me in the long run and my healing was what was needed. I’ve never been one to shy away from sharing and being accountable for my high’s and my lows. While I was healing I couldn’t possibly want to be with anyone else, but I’m sure people can resonate with also not wanting to be alone.”

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