Taylor Swift’s Personal Trainer Shares her Fitness Secrets for Working Out like a Professional Athlete

• Taylor Swift’s personal trainer, Kirk Myers, describes her workout routine as intense and tailored like that of a professional athlete.
• Taylor is dedicated to her fitness regimen, working out up to six days a week for two hours a day during downtime and at least twice a week while on tour.
• In addition to her workout routine, Taylor quit drinking in preparation for her record-breaking tour and emphasizes the importance of perseverance and resilience in her training.

Here is what happened:

Taylor Swift’s fitness routine has been revealed by her personal trainer, Kirk Myers, who compares her training to that of a professional athlete. He emphasizes the tailored approach taken to her workout regimen, ensuring it matches the demands of her busy touring schedule with periods dedicated to intense training and recovery. Despite her packed calendar, Taylor is committed to her fitness, hitting the gym up to six days a week for hours at a time during her off-tour season.

During her concert tours, Taylor continues to prioritize her fitness, maintaining a regular training schedule focused on strength and conditioning to support her demanding performances. Kirk notes that her concerts are physically intense, likening them to a marathon, which further highlights the importance of her consistent fitness routine. Taylor’s dedication to training even while on the road showcases her resilience and determination to stay in peak physical condition.

In addition to her rigorous exercise regimen, Taylor also made significant lifestyle changes for her record-breaking tour by quitting drinking. Her commitment to her performances, regardless of external circumstances, is highlighted by her belief that the show must go on no matter what challenges she may face. This dedication to her craft and her fans has become a defining part of Taylor’s identity as an artist and a performer, showcasing her unwavering commitment to excellence.

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