Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Reveals Son Jace Is Living With Grandma Barbara

• Jenelle Evans’ son Jace is back living with her mom Barbara due to his behavior in the past.
• Jace has been struggling with mental health issues and is currently receiving intensive therapy.
• David Eason, Jenelle’s husband, was charged with a child abuse misdemeanor involving Jace.

Here is what happened:

Jenelle Evans has recently opened up about the complicated family dynamics she is currently facing amid legal drama involving her son, Jace. After gaining full custody of the 14-year-old earlier this year, Jenelle shared that Jace, who has a history of running away from home, is now temporarily living with her mother, Barbara Evans. The decision comes in light of Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, facing child abuse allegations. It appears that Jace’s behavior in the past has prompted the family to consider relocating him to a different environment.

While Jenelle did not provide specific details about the incident that led to the child abuse charge against David, she did mention that he was involved in an incident with Jace back in September, during which items were confiscated from the teenager. Jenelle explained that her son has been struggling with mental health issues for the past few years and has been receiving therapy to address his boundary-related struggles, which was a factor in her gaining custody of him.

However, Jenelle also shared that her relationship with her mother has recently soured during a family trip to Puerto Rico. She expressed frustration with what she perceives as a biased investigation by the police, insinuating a smear campaign against her husband. Jenelle is determined to share the truth and feels violated by the system. Barbara, David, and the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office have not provided comments at this time.

Throughout the years, Jenelle has shared numerous family moments on social media, such as celebrating holidays, birthdays, and going on vacations with her children and stepdaughter. Regardless of the ongoing legal issues, Jenelle continues to prioritize her children’s well-being and seek the help they need to address their challenges.

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