The cause of Austen Kroll’s physical altercation with JT Thomas in Southern Charm

• Southern Charm love triangle involving JT, Taylor, and Austen unfolds on season nine finale
• JT expresses his love for Taylor but is friend-zoned, leading to tensions with Austen
• Tensions escalate between JT and Austen, leading to a physical altercation at a cast party

Here is what happened:

In a surprising turn of events on Southern Charm season nine finale, Jarrett “JT” Thomas publicly declared his love for co-star Taylor Ann Green, proclaiming, “I would marry you tomorrow.” However, after being friend-zoned by Taylor, JT directed his romantic frustrations towards Austen Kroll, expressing his disbelief and disappointment at Taylor’s choice. His confrontation with Austen turned into a heated exchange, with JT accusing Austen of being untrustworthy around women and labeling him as the cause of pain and tears for everyone involved.

Austen, on the other hand, shared his perspective on the situation in a confessional, confidently asserting that JT was simply jealous of him, claiming, “Guys like JT don’t get the girl. I get the girl.” The tension between JT and Austen reached a breaking point when their argument escalated into a physical altercation, leading to a confrontation that disrupted the event and resulted in exchanged taunts and accusations between the two men.

The drama between JT and Austen reached an intense climax, with Austen shoving JT off a chair in a fit of rage, leading to harsh words and defiant challenges being thrown back and forth. Despite partygoers breaking up the fight, the conflict continued to play out with JT dramatically declaring, “You f–king lose. See you never again.” The episode concluded with a dramatic announcement hinting at the continuation of the turmoil in the Southern Charm season nine reunion.

The segment ends with a link to view “Everything to Know About Southern Charm Season 9,” leaving viewers eager to find out how the drama unfolds in the upcoming reunion.

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