The Emotions of Coco Austin as Her & Ice-T’s Daughter Chanel Turns 8

• Coco and Ice-T’s daughter Chanel turned 8 years old on Nov. 28
• Both parents posted heartfelt tributes to Chanel on social media
• The family frequently shares photos of Chanel’s milestones and moments on social media

Here is what happened:

Ice-T and Coco Austin’s daughter, Chanel, has just turned 8 years old on Nov. 28, and her mother couldn’t believe how quickly time has flown. She expressed her mixed emotions on Instagram, saying, “Im happy/sad today… Chanel turned 8!! Do I cry or smile? I dont know.. I remember her moving around in my belly like it was yesterday.” Ice-T also penned a heartfelt tribute to his daughter on social media, stating, “You’re 8yrs old today! Wow.. so fast!”

Over the years, the couple has frequently shared glimpses into their family life on social media, including photos of Chanel’s birthday parties, first day of school, and matching outfits with her mom. The little one has also made appearances on the red carpet and at her dad’s concerts.

Coco is aware of the attention and criticism she receives regarding her parenting choices, including her decision to breastfeed Chanel at age 5 and bathe her in the sink at age 6. However, she is unafraid to respond to these comments and has the unwavering support of Ice-T, who has called her the “best mother to Chanel that anyone could possibly imagine.”

Chanel is frequently featured in the couple’s social media posts, showcasing her adorable outfits, family vacations, and special moments with her parents. From her early years at home to attending events with her famous parents to learning the ins and outs of the entertainment world, her parents continue to share her milestones and memorable experiences with their followers.

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