The Masked Singer: Unveiling the Surprising Sports Icon as the Royal Hen

• Tennis legend Billie Jean King was revealed to be the celebrity behind the Royal Hen costume on The Masked Singer.
• Billie Jean King performed “Philadelphia Freedom,” a song inspired by her, during the Elton John night episode.
• King received the least amount of votes and was eliminated from the competition.

Here is what happened:

On the October 18 episode of The Masked Singer, tennis legend Billie Jean King was revealed to be the celebrity behind the Royal Hen mask. The Royal Hen performed “Philadelphia Freedom” during Elton John night but unfortunately received the least amount of votes and was eliminated. King’s connection to the song was her history of playing for the Philadelphia Freedoms professional tennis team, for which Elton John wrote the iconic anthem. King expressed her gratitude for the song and its impact on the people of Philadelphia.

Throughout the episode, viewers were given clues about the Royal Hen’s identity. The video package highlighted King’s tennis background and her trailblazing efforts in championing equal opportunities for all. It also mentioned her historic 1973 victory in the “Battle of the Sexes” against rival Bobby Riggs. The final clue was that King had received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. Despite various guesses from the judges, Ken Jeong was the only one who correctly guessed King’s identity.

After removing her mask, King shared her experience on the show, describing it as great but hot. She jokingly exclaimed, “I’m sweating bullets!” The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox, and fans can continue watching to meet the remaining contestants and see who will be the ultimate winner of the competition.

In previous episodes, several other celebrities have been unmasked and eliminated from the competition. Demi Lovato made a special one-time appearance as Anonymouse during the season 10 kickoff special. Black-ish actor Anthony Anderson was revealed as the Rubber Ducky in the first week of competition, followed by Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval as the Diver in week 2. Actor Michael Rapaport was unmasked as the Pickle in week 3. These eliminations heighten the anticipation as the remaining masked celebrities continue to showcase their talents.

Overall, The Masked Singer continues to entertain viewers with its intriguing concept and surprising celebrity reveals. Fans can expect more thrilling performances and unexpected unmaskings as the competition progresses.

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