The Real Reason Khloe Kardashian Didn’t Name Baby Boy Tatum for 8 Months

• Khloe Kardashian struggled to name her son Tatum for 8 months, trying out different names and nicknames before settling on Tatum
• The struggle to find the right name was due to the fact that Tatum was born via a surrogate, leading Khloe to feel disconnected from the pregnancy
• Khloe is now “obsessed” with her little boy and finds joy in spending time with both of her children, True and Tatum, showcasing their cutest family moments on social media platforms.

Here is what happened:

Khloe Kardashian needed time to find the right name for her son, Tatum Thompson, who is now 21 months old. She revealed that it took her quite a while to settle on the name Tatum, as she tested out various names and nicknames before making a decision. This struggle was highlighted when Khloe shared on the SHE MD podcast that it took her about eight months to legally name Tatum, admitting her embarrassment at the delay.

The reality star explained that the process of naming Tatum was different from when she was pregnant with her daughter, True, who is now 5 years old. Khloe attributed her struggle to the fact that Tatum was born via surrogate, which made her feel detached from the pregnancy experience. She mentioned feeling a strong connection with True during her pregnancy, but she found it challenging to connect with Tatum in the same way.

Khloe’s protective instinct toward her surrogate’s privacy meant that she missed a lot of the doctor’s appointments during the pregnancy. She shared that she opted for FaceTime calls to stay informed without compromising their privacy. Eventually, when Khloe met Tatum for the first time in the hospital, she described feeling like a deer in headlights, overwhelmed by the reality of becoming a mother to him. Despite initial nerves, Khloe is now “obsessed” with her little boy and enjoys documenting their family’s precious moments together.

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