The Sun Baby from Teletubbies Is Expecting a Baby – Time Flies!

• Teletubbies actress Jess Smith, who played the Sun Baby, is expecting her first child with partner Ricky Latham.
• Jess shared the news on her social media with an ultrasound image, captioned “When two becomes three.”
• Jess revealed her experience as the Sun Baby and how her father helped capture the iconic shots for the show.

Here is what happened:

Actress Jess Smith, best known for playing the Sun Baby on the Teletubbies, has announced her pregnancy. The former infant star shared the news on social media, captioning an ultrasound image with the words “When two becomes three.” Fans flooded her comments section with congratulatory messages, expressing their nostalgia for the beloved children’s show. Jess had previously kept her identity as the Sun Baby private, but eventually came forward in her late teens to address the ongoing speculation.

In a heartfelt Instagram post from November 2021, Jess reflected on her journey to becoming the iconic Sun Baby. She revealed that she was discovered by a local production company when her mother took her for a routine checkup at the hospital. After going through auditions and selection processes, she was chosen for the role. Jess expressed her gratitude to her university friends for encouraging her to embrace her past as a TV star and debunk false claims by others.

Jess also shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about how the iconic shots of her laughing and looking in certain directions were captured. Her father used a teddy bear to make her laugh, and a toy racing car to get her to look down at the camera. These techniques proved successful in creating the memorable moments that have been etched in the minds of Teletubbies fans worldwide.

This news about Jess Smith’s pregnancy has brought a wave of nostalgia and warm wishes from fans who grew up watching the Teletubbies. It serves as a reminder of the enduring impact and popularity of the beloved children’s show.

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