The Truth About Those Slaps & More: 15 Secrets About Monster-In-Law

• The movie “Monster-in-Law” came out in 2005 stars Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda.
• Jane Fonda took a break from acting after marrying Ted Turner, CNN founder, and only made a comeback after they divorced.
• Fonda and Lopez had a positive experience working together on the film, despite a wardrobe malfunction injuring Fonda’s eye during filming.

Here is what happened:

In 2005, Jane Fonda starred in “Monster-in-Law” alongside Jennifer Lopez. The film portrays the battle between Viola, the mother of Michael Vartan’s character, and Charlie, his fiancée, over Viola’s efforts to ruin the relationship. The film shares a feminist edge, with a message about the efforts required to maintain romantic relationships and the unrealistic societal expectations that strain them.

Despite being married to media mogul Ted Turner and having numerous awards, Fonda was questioning her career when she retired from acting in 1990. After her divorce and a period of self-discovery, Fonda accepted the part in “Monster-in-Law” in part for the lighthearted nature of the film. J. Lo, meanwhile, felt lucky to work with Fonda, who presented her with a diamond watch upon the film’s completion.

Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda’s natural chemistry on set allowed for laughs and opportunities to learn from one another as the film incorporated physical comedy. The film’s light-hearted nature and the fact that Fonda decided to return to acting for it served as a reflection of her personal life, which is reflected in the light, comedic nature of the film.

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