TikToker Alix Earle: How Stepmom Ashley Dupré Assists in Managing Public Criticism

• Alix Earle has gained a large following on TikTok, reaching 5.7 million followers.
• She has turned to her stepmom Ashley Dupré, who experienced viral fame as a former escort, for advice on navigating her newfound fame.
• Ashley’s advice to Alix is to remember that life goes on and that people get past things, as Alix’s fame continues to grow.

Here is what happened:

Alix Earle, the popular TikToker with over 5.7 million followers, is still adjusting to her newfound fame. Despite her skyrocketing success, she remains humble and credits her stepmother, Ashley Dupré, for helping her navigate the spotlight. Ashley, known for her involvement in the 2008 scandal with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, has been a guiding force for Alix.

In an interview with Elle, Alix expressed her gratitude for Ashley’s support and understanding. She shared that her stepmother’s past experiences with media scrutiny have brought them closer together as a family. Alix often seeks Ashley’s advice when dealing with overwhelming situations or challenges in the industry. Ashley’s wisdom and reassurance serve as a reminder that life goes on, and people eventually move past difficult moments.

Alix’s fame continues to grow, and she recently embarked on a collaboration with podcaster Alex Cooper for The Unwell Network, a new Gen-Z content platform. Reflecting on her whirlwind year and the opportunities that have come her way, Alix is amazed by how her “Get Ready With Me” videos have evolved into something much bigger. She acknowledges that her younger self would be overjoyed with her current success, but everything still feels like a dream to her.

The journey of Alix Earle serves as inspiration for young aspiring influencers and demonstrates the importance of finding support and guidance in loved ones during times of overwhelming fame.

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