TikToker Alix Earle’s Reflections on Her Dad’s Affair with Ashley Dupré

• TikToker Alix Earle recently opened up about her family’s difficult past, including her father’s affair with Ashley Dupré, who was involved in a sex scandal with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.
• Alix learned about the affair when paparazzi swarmed her family’s home, and later discovered the truth online.
• Despite the challenging situation, Alix’s family is now “well blended” and they have moved past the affair as a family.

Here is what happened:

In a recent episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, TikToker Alix Earle shared the story of a difficult time her family went through in 2008. Alix revealed that she learned about her father’s affair with her now-stepmom Ashley Dupré, who was previously involved in a sex scandal with then-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. The incident came to light when paparazzi swarmed her family’s New Jersey home. Alix vividly remembers her mother quickly taking her and her sister to their cousins’ house, unaware of the paparazzi’s presence. At the time, she thought that news broadcasters were interviewing their neighbors.

Years later, while using her iPad in fourth grade, Alix stumbled upon the truth about her father’s affair. As she Googled her family, she discovered that the past two years of her life had been a lie. Alix, who was just 22 years old, felt like her world had crashed down upon realizing the severity and public nature of her father’s affair. However, she commended her mother for shielding her and her younger sister from the tension within the family. Despite Alisa’s maturity and efforts to keep them insulated from the situation, Alix had to grapple with the reality on her own.

Eventually, Alix’s parents split up, and her father’s relationship with Ashley flourished. The couple got married in 2013. Alix expressed how strange it was to be introduced to her stepmother and be told that she had to be respectful and nice to her. She recalled feeling more mature than someone much older than her. The fallout from the affair continued, as some kids were not allowed to come to her house due to the scandal. Alix also experienced humiliation in school when her connection to Ashley and the sex scandal was discussed in class. This left her feeling embarrassed, and she left school in tears.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Alix’s family has now become “well blended,” including TJ and Ashley’s children. Alix emphasized their positive relationship, stating that they all get along very well. She has previously spoken about her stepmom and the scandal, revealing that they have become super close and have moved past the past issues as a family.

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– Image source: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

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