TikToker Jesse Sullivan’s Creative Name Ideas for His Twins with Francesca Farago

• Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan are expecting fraternal twins
• The couple has been considering unconventional names for their children, including Aristotle, Traveler, and Orca
• Jesse already has a child named Arlo and the couple got engaged in May 2023

Here is what happened:

Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan are expecting twins and have been brainstorming baby names that are far from ordinary. In a TikTok video, Jesse revealed some of his unconventional suggestions, including names like Aristotle and Traveler. While Francesca vetoed some of his choices like Traveler, Jesse expressed his enthusiasm for names that sound like they could belong in a fantasy world, inspired by his love for “Lord of the Rings”.

The couple announced their pregnancy in April, sharing their excitement about welcoming fraternal twins. This will be Jesse’s second and third child, as he is already a parent to a 14-year-old named Arlo. Despite the unusual baby name ideas, Jesse emphasized that his first child, Arlo Bear, has never faced any issues related to his unique name, debunking concerns about potential bullying or judgment.

As the couple prepares for the arrival of their twins, Jesse continues to share his creative baby name suggestions, such as Adventure, Piano, and Orca. Each name holds a special meaning or aesthetic appeal to him, showcasing his and Francesca’s desire to choose names that are meaningful and memorable. With their journey to parenthood unfolding, Francesca and Jesse’s love story has captivated their followers and continues to be a source of joy and inspiration.

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