Too Dark & Cold to Exercise Outside? Discover Indoor Workout Options

• The end of daylight saving time means shorter days and less motivation to exercise.
• To combat the seasonal depression and lack of motivation, there are various home workout equipment options available.
• These options include resistance loop exercise bands, a foldable push-up board, a recumbent bike, adjustable bangles, a high-quality yoga mat, and a yoga mat storage rack.

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As daylight saving time recently ended, we welcomed the extra hour of sleep with open arms. However, now that it’s Monday, we’re back to the daily grind. While the early morning sunlight brings a sense of warmth and summer vibes, the joy is short-lived when the sun sets early, leaving us in cold darkness by 5 p.m. This seasonal change can often lead to a sense of sadness and lack of motivation. It becomes difficult to do anything besides eating and sleeping once we get home in the evening, especially as the temperature continues to drop. If you’re also feeling the impact of the reduced sunlight on your motivation and daily routine, preventing you from hitting the gym after work, we have an alternative solution for you.

Imagine being able to get in a good sweat session without leaving the comfort of your home. We have rounded up the best finds to help you stay on track with your fitness goals, regardless of the cold weather and dark hours. From innovative jump ropes and weighted hula hoops designed for indoor movement to stationary bikes and cardio equipment that allow you to enjoy your favorite show while working out, these products will help you overcome the obstacles presented by the changing seasons.

One of our top picks is the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands – Set of 5. These heavy-duty resistance bands are perfect for home workouts, whether you’re doing a high-intensity interval training session or warming up for a weightlifting session at the gym. They come in five different levels of resistance, ensuring you can find the right challenge for your fitness level. These bands have received rave reviews from customers, with one personal trainer stating that they last longer than other bands they have used in the past, making them an affordable and great addition to their clients’ routines.

Another great option is the AERLANG Push Up Board. Push-ups are a challenging but effective exercise, and this foldable push up board provides a multifunctional, 10-in-1 system to target different muscle groups. With non-slip handles and an instructional manual included, you can maximize your home workout and minimize stress and strain on your wrists.

If you’re looking for a full-body workout, consider the FITNATION Flex Express Elite Recumbent Bike With 16 Levels. This stationary bike features rear-anchored resistance bands for your upper body and 16 adjustable levels of resistance for your legs. You can work out your entire body while enjoying your favorite TV show or holiday movie.

For an added challenge during your home workouts, try the Bala Bangles – Set of 2. These adjustable ankle and wrist weights are not only functional but also stylish. Made of recycled steel wrapped in soft silicone, they provide an effective workout while being gentle on your skin.

To complete your home workout setup, consider the lululemon Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm. This high-quality mat is built to last and features an innovative grippy top layer that absorbs moisture to keep you grounded during even the sweatiest workouts. Made with sustainably sourced natural rubber, it provides a comfortable and eco-friendly surface for your yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and stretching routines.

Lastly, you’ll need a storage solution for your home workout equipment. The VOPEAK Yoga Mat Storage Rack is a versatile rack with three layers and storage slots that can accommodate different sizes of yoga mats and fitness accessories. It also features removable hooks for hanging towels, resistance bands, yoga wheels, and more, ensuring a neat and organized space for your equipment.

With these home workout essentials, you can stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals, even during the colder and darker months. Instead of letting the reduced sunlight affect your routine, embrace the convenience and comfort of exercising at home.

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