Top Coachella Festival Fashion Trends to Recreate for Weekend Two

• Festival season has begun, with Coachella setting the stage for this year’s fashion trends
• Instead of bold colors, attendees opted for a more neutral color palette at Coachella
• Trends included Western fashion, sheer styles, crochet, and monochromatic looks, with items like belts, boots, tops, skirts, and accessories being popular choices

Here is what happened:

Festival season is in full swing, with Coachella kicking off the music festival frenzy. A-listers and influencers alike have been showcasing their best festival looks, setting the trends for the season. This year, a shift towards more elevated and monochromatic outfits has been observed, departing from the traditional bold and colorful festival attire. Western fashion, crochet, and sheer pieces still made an appearance but were styled in a more sophisticated manner, emphasizing a quiet luxury trend.

To capture the essence of the Coachella fashion trends, attendees and celebs opted for neutral color palettes and chic ensembles that exuded a sense of elegance. Items like Western belts, beach-approved crochet, and sheer tops were popular choices, offering a modern twist on traditional festival fashion. The curated selection of festival-ready shorts, skirts, and pants showcased a blend of classic and contemporary styles, inspiring festival-goers to recreate these looks for weekend two.

Among the emerging festival trends were crochet pieces, tassel accents, and monochromatic outfits, all of which were elevated to a more sophisticated level this season. Clothing items like ribbed-cotton blend tops and knit dresses in cream and taupe hues added a touch of elegance to the desert festival vibe. Accessorizing with statement bags and trendy temporary tattoos completed the festival looks, showcasing a blend of modern style with traditional festival elements. Coachella attendees embraced these trends to create head-turning outfits that were both stylish and comfortable for a weekend of music and fun.

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