Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Barker: The Secret to Achieving Natural-looking Lip Fillers

– Alabama Barker openly discusses her experience getting lip fillers by aesthetic practitioner Anush Movsesian in Los Angeles.
– Alabama shares her experience with critics and emphasizes the importance of not letting negative comments affect her peace and self-confidence.
– Other celebrities, such as Vanessa Williams, Kim Cattrall, and Bella Hadid, have also been open about their experiences with cosmetic procedures.

Here is what happened:

Alabama Barker is not shy about discussing her cosmetic procedures. The daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler recently shared her experience getting lip fillers in an Instagram Story. She praised her aesthetic practitioner, Anush Movsesian, calling her the best in LA. Alabama explained that Anush’s technique is precise and that she is very sweet. The practitioner reposted a photo of Alabama’s newly-filled lips, noting that they were still swollen but would look even better in a few weeks. Anush also mentioned her work with Alabama in fixing her “M-Shape” and keeping the results natural.

Alabama’s honesty about her cosmetic work hasn’t always been easy, as she has faced criticism on social media. However, she has learned to stay positive and not let the haters get to her. Alabama acknowledges that people are going to hate regardless, and she advises others not to feed into it and to protect their peace. She also emphasizes the importance of not entertaining what others say about you, as long as you know yourself, your morals, and your intentions.

Alabama, who has learned about clean beauty from her stepmom Kourtney Kardashian, believes that hate from critics is a reflection of their own insecurities. She wishes them the best and encourages herself and others to keep going despite the negativity.

In addition to Alabama, various other celebrities have also been open about their experiences with cosmetic procedures. Vanessa Williams discussed her plans for Botox and other treatments, while Kim Cattrall explained her motivation for receiving cosmetic injectables. Blac Chyna underwent surgery to reduce her breast and butt size, while Genevieve Padalecki had breast augmentation and then decided to remove her implants. Comedian Kathy Griffin tattooed her lips, and TikTok star Alix Earle got a breast augmentation. Superstar Anitta has had several procedures done, including a nose job and jaw-shaping procedures, and reality TV star Kristin Cavallari underwent a breast lift after breastfeeding her children. Joe Jonas shared that he has gotten injectables for his frown lines, and Kim Kardashian prioritizes beauty treatments to maintain her appearance. Courteney Cox reflected on her past use of injections and other procedures and decided to stop chasing youthfulness. In contrast, Bella Hadid got a nose job when she was 14 but wishes she had embraced her natural features. Marc Jacobs recently got a facelift, and Madison LeCroy from Southern Charm spoke about her decision to change her appearance.

In summary, Alabama Barker openly discussed her experience getting lip fillers and praised her aesthetic practitioner. She has learned to stay positive despite criticism on social media and advises others to protect their peace. Other celebrities have also shared their experiences with cosmetic procedures, highlighting the diverse reasons and results they have encountered.

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