Travis Kelce emotional as he watches brother Jason Kelce’s retirement announcement

• Travis Kelce supported his brother Jason Kelce as he announced his retirement from the NFL after 13 seasons
• Travis wiped away tears as Jason reflected on their close bond and childhood memories of playing and supporting each other
• The Kelce brothers have always rooted for each other from high school to professional football, with Travis even choosing his jersey number as a tribute to Jason’s birth year

Here is what happened:

Jason Kelce recently announced his retirement from the NFL after 13 seasons, eliciting an emotional response from his younger brother, Travis Kelce. In a heartfelt moment, Jason shared how much his brother means to him and how their bond has shaped their lives. Travis, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, was present alongside their parents and Jason’s wife as the Eagles center bid farewell to his football career.

The Kelce brothers have always been each other’s biggest supporters, cheering each other on from high school to college and into their professional football careers. Jason fondly recalled their childhood where they would invent games and dream of being star players, forming a strong bond that has influenced their values of cooperation, loyalty, and understanding. Travis chose his jersey number as a tribute to Jason’s birth year, highlighting the deep connection between the two.

Their unwavering support for each other was evident during significant moments in their careers, including when Jason won the Super Bowl with the Eagles and when the brothers faced off during the Super Bowl, with the Chiefs ultimately emerging victorious over the Eagles. Both brothers have celebrated each other’s successes and milestones, showcasing the unbreakable bond they share. Their journey from childhood dreams to professional accomplishments is a testament to the power of family and brotherly love.

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