Travis Kelce gifts Taylor Swift a ring for her birthday: The Truth

• Keleigh Teller set the record straight that she gave Taylor Swift a hand made ring for her birthday, not Travis Kelce
• Taylor Swift celebrated her 34th birthday with celebrity friends like Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, and Zoë Kravitz
• Taylor made an appearance at one of Travis Kelce’s football games and was cheered by the opposing team’s fans

Here is what happened:

In the segment, “Who Really Gave Taylor Swift a Ring for Her Birthday?” it is revealed that Taylor Swift received a stunning piece of jewelry from her friend, Keleigh Teller, and not from Travis Kelce. Keleigh Teller set the record straight about the opal ring that Taylor Swift was seen wearing at her recent birthday party, sharing a photo of the ring on Instagram and confirming that she had it made for Taylor, expressing her love for her friend. Keleigh even posted a video of Taylor admiring the ring, putting an end to any speculation about the gift.

Further evidence of Keleigh’s friendship with Taylor was shared in a video where Taylor lovingly compared to Elizabeth Taylor, to which Keleigh replied, “You’re my Elizabeth Taylor.” This put an end to any doubts about the source of Taylor’s ring and solidified the bond of friendship between the two.

Aside from enjoying her birthday party with friends, Taylor also attended a Kansas City Chiefs game alongside her father, Scott Swift. Despite the attention she received while cheering for Travis Kelce at the game, Taylor showed her support for her boyfriend, creating a special moment for both of them. Both Keleigh and Miles were among the celeb attendees at Taylor’s NYC bash, while Travis Kelce reunited with Taylor later in the week in Massachusetts at the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the New England Patriots.

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