Ultimate Guide to Reading Tarot Cards & Understanding their Meanings

• Tarot is a spiritual practice offering guidance in areas like health, relationships, and finances
• It is recommended to shuffle the deck simply, cleanse it before readings, and set intentions for pulling cards
• Tarot reading can be a healing modality, with cards like The Sun and The Empress being beneficial for different aspects of life

Here is what happened:

Tarot reading is a spiritual practice that can offer guidance and help navigate specific areas in life such as health, relationships, career, and finances. According to tarot reader Kate Van Horn, tarot is a healing modality rather than something to fear. It can be used for creative inspiration or as a conversation starter, and it doesn’t have to be predictive. Tarot is an extension of one’s own energy and not an external force.

Tarot cards are a system of 78 cards that follow The Fool’s Journey. They date back to the 15th century and started as a game before evolving into a spiritual practice. The cards are used for divination, storytelling, and self-reflection. Cleansing the deck before pulling cards and shuffling is recommended to clear it of previous energy. Ways to cleanse the deck include knocking on it, bathing it under a full moon, using smoke-clearing sage, or placing Selenite wands around it for protection.

When shuffling a tarot deck, simplicity is key. Holding the cards in one hand and guiding them to fall into each other is a preferred method. Cleansing the deck before pulling cards is important to reset the energy. Different tarot card spreads can be used, with the Three Card Spread being a popular choice. Reversals, or pulling cards upside down, can add perspective to the reading by providing new meanings and details to the current situation. Overall, tarot reading is a personal journey that should be approached with an open mind and a willingness to learn and grow from the experience.

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