Unpacking the Royal Drama in The Crown Season 6: Fact vs. Fiction

• The Crown creator Peter Morgan acknowledges that the series takes creative liberties with historical events, although he aims to make everything truthful
• The show features both completely fictional scenes and events inspired by true historical occurrences
• The Crown portrays stories such as Mohamed Al-Fayed pushing Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana together, and Princess Diana leaving the country to avoid Camilla’s birthday party, among others.

Here is what happened:

The creators of The Crown have made it clear that, although they have taken creative license in depicting the royal family throughout the series, they have strived to make the portrayal as truthful as possible. When The Crown kicked off, what’s been most fascinating has been how much of the action is true or inspired by real events, creating a captivating storyline based on historical accuracy.

There are fantastical scenes in the show, such as those depicting conversations with ghosts or avatars of the characters. There are also scenes that ponder what might have happened, like Dodi and Diana’s final moments together or Kate Middleton urging Prince William to stay at university. The historically accurate context of these events makes them all the more believable.

The series details specific events in the lives of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, such as the incidents which led to Diana leaving England and the complex relationships between Dodi and Diana. The show depicts the renowned personalities as regular people experiencing the wild curveballs life throws at them.

The Crown also depicts key moments in the royal family’s lives, assuming the queen snubs Camilla’s 50th birthday and showing the staged photos taken at Balmoral. The series has captivated audiences with an engaging blend of fact and fiction, creating a fascinating storyline that sheds fresh light on these historical figures.

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