Untangling the Rumors of Noah Cyrus, Tish Cyrus, & Dominic Purcell

• Speculation has surfaced about a romantic connection between Noah Cyrus and mom Tish Cyrus’s husband, Dominic Purcell, leading to strain in the family
• Despite rumors, Noah and Tish have not publicly addressed the speculation, with Noah and brother Braison missing from Tish’s wedding while siblings Miley, Trace, and Brandi were present
• Tish and Dominic met through Instagram DMs in 2016, made out for hours at a pub, exchanged “I love yous” the next day, and eventually got engaged in April 2023, marrying in August of the same year.

Here is what happened:

Speculation surrounding the Cyrus family has brought attention to the strained relationship between Noah Cyrus and her mother, Tish Cyrus. Rumors suggest that the tension between them is linked to Tish’s romantic involvement with Dominic Purcell, her husband. Reports indicate that Noah and Dominic were romantically involved before Tish began her relationship with and eventually married the “Prison Break” actor in August. Despite these rumors, there has been no official comment from Noah, Tish, or Dominic regarding the speculation.

Interestingly, Noah and her brother Braison Cyrus were noticeably absent from their mother’s wedding, unlike their siblings Miley, Trace, and Brandi Cyrus. This absence has fueled further speculation about the dynamics within the family. Tish recently shared insights into her past marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus, expressing regret for not leaving earlier for the sake of her children, particularly Noah.

The complexities of the Cyrus family tree continue to unfold, shedding light on various relationships and milestones. Tish Cyrus’s engagement to Dominic Purcell in April 2023, followed by their wedding in August, signifies a new chapter for her. While Billy Ray Cyrus has also moved forward with Firerose, his recent marriage has brought a mix of emotions within the family. As the family navigates these changes, the bond between its members remains a focal point, highlighting both challenges and moments of growth.

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