Valerie Bertinelli’s Decision to Stop Weighing Herself After Reaching 150 Pounds

• Valerie Bertinelli didn’t weigh herself anymore because she considered herself “overweight” by ambiguous standards, focusing instead on her confidence and character.
• The actress openly shared her struggle with filters and not wanting to look “perfect” all the time, encouraging others to embrace their flaws.
• Other celebrities such as Jonah Hill, Demi Lovato, Cindy Crawford, and more have also opened up about their body positivity and self-acceptance.

Here is what happened:

Valerie Bertinelli shared a striking message on body image on her Instagram account. She posted a throwback photo of herself in a purple bikini, accompanying it with a statement about acceptance and self-worth. The message emphasized that her character and inner qualities are what truly matter, not her weight or size. She encouraged others to embrace themselves just as they are and not be influenced by societal standards of beauty. The message also included a bold exclamation of “F–k ’em” to anyone who pressures others to conform to certain body standards.

In another post, Valerie addressed comments about her appearance, stating that she uses filters and sometimes doesn’t, but what’s most important is being comfortable with herself. She expressed that she’s more focused on the genuine aspects of her personality and outlook, rather than external factors such as makeup, filters, or societal expectations of beauty.

A variety of other public figures were also mentioned in relation to their messages about body positivity. From Chrissy Teigen to Ashley Graham, various celebrities shared insights about accepting oneself, challenging beauty standards, and embracing individuality. Their quotes and experiences reflected a common theme of self-love, self-acceptance, and advocating for positive body image.

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