Vanessa Hudgens’ Perspective on Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s High School Musical Similarities

• Vanessa Hudgens commented on the similarities between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s love story and the plot of High School Musical
• Taylor Swift’s concert and the Super Bowl are scheduled to take place within hours of each other, reminiscent of a High School Musical plot
• Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been publicly spotted together, indicating their ongoing relationship

Here is what happened:

Vanessa Hudgens responded to a fan’s social media post comparing her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift’s love story to High School Musical. She commented, “Hilarious.” This humorous comparison drew attention to the upcoming Super Bowl game, which happens to be just one day after Taylor Swift finishes her concert in Tokyo, Japan.

Fans on social media drew parallels between Taylor’s concert performance and the Chiefs’ Super Bowl game, likening their overlapping schedules to a storyline from High School Musical. One fan even tweeted, “Taylor having a concert across the world the same day as Travis is playing in the superbowl is so high school musical coded you can’t even make this up.” Another fan tweeted, “Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce having the Grammys, the Eras Tour Tokyo and the SuperBowl all in one week is literally the plot of high school [musical], but if Gabriella had a jet.”

Taylor Swift has been a supportive girlfriend, attending 12 of Travis Kelce’s games since their relationship became public in 2023. She even joined Travis on the field to celebrate his team’s victory at the AFC Championship game.

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