What to Spend Your Sephora Gift Card On

• It’s the perfect time to try new makeup, skincare, fragrance, or hair care with a Sephora gift card, with thousands of items to choose from
• A list of top picks has been curated to inspire your shopping
• Top picks include Charlotte Tilbury setting powder, Rare Beauty liquid blush, Sol de Janeiro fragrance mist, and other highly ranked products worth using your gift card on

Here is what happened:

The article details the top Sephora products to consider buying, whether for yourself or with a gift card. The text emphasizes the diverse range of products available at Sephora, from makeup to skincare, fragrance, and hair care. The text also features some customer reviews of the products, giving readers an idea of the quality and usability.

It mentions viral TikTok products that have become popular, as well as long-time cult classics and celeb-backed brands, showcasing the variety of items available for purchase. The text aims to provide inspiration for shopping at Sephora, catering to a wide audience with different beauty needs and preferences.

Overall, the text serves as a guide for those who may feel overwhelmed by the extensive selection at Sephora, offering a curated list of top picks backed by satisfied customer reviews.

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